Welcome to the supplemental website for a McGraw-Hill textbook entitled Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise (4th Edition). This textbook is written for business, engineering, science, and all other students and professionals who demand a comprehensive guide to high-growth entrepreneurship. Drawing on the latest academic research and practitioner insights, Technology Ventures integrates clear theoretical frameworks with action-oriented examples and exercises. A broad and approachable perspective on "technology," including information technology, energy, consumer products, and the life sciences, ensures wide-ranging appeal to anyone with an interest in high-potential ventures.

The authors of the 4th edition are Tom Byers at Stanford University, Richard Dorf at UC Davis, and Andrew Nelson of the University of Oregon. This website augments the official McGraw-Hill one to provide additional resources for learning about this important subject. The bulk of the information on this website is a collection of video clips from Stanford University’s popular Entrepreneurship Corner (eCorner). Other helpful resources that can be found here include sample chapters, syllabi and presentation materials.